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Vibration (HAVS) Assessments

Vibration (HAVS) Assessments

Hand Arm Vibration Risk Assessment

Safeguarding Your Workers From The Problems That Comes With Vibration
Working with Vibration can quite easily become a real pain for you and your workers. Investing in getting the problems fixed will put your workers at ease from any symptoms that could become a problem, but also help you answer any criticism you may be facing from staff or authorities.

Case Studies
We have helped so many companies and individuals with HAVS and WBV . Please get in touch if you think we can help.

Since the Control of Vibration at Work Regulations were introduced in 2005, there have been some landmark cases and fines imposed including:

✅ The first prosecution was of Peugeot in 2006 and resulted in a £10k fine.

✅ In June 2018 Balfour Beatty were fined £500K for failing to adequately control the risks and for failing to report cases of Vibration White Finger (VWF) as required by RIDDOR .

✅ In August 2018, Nordam Europe were fined £400K when 100 employees were found to have been exposed to Vibration.

✅ In October 2018 British Airways Engineering were fined £80k for failing to adequately assess the risk from the use of vibrating tools.

✅ Since 2016 fines for Vibration-related prosecutions have totalled in excess of £2.3m

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