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Noise Risk Assessments

Noise Risk Assessments

A noise risk assessment is carried out to ensure the health and safety of workers who are exposed to noise hazards. The assessment’s key findings are then evaluated and used to develop preventive or corrective measures to protect workers from the long-term effects of noise exposure.

Noise Exposure Survey
Having a Noise survey is just the starting point. What you do with the information and findings is what really matters.

We extend the services to not only include the noise risk assessment but also to deliver the results in-person to your staff and managers, install appropriate signage, issue suitable PPE and talk to the people who are affected.

We go further to get the best outcomes and work with you to finish everything off.

Workplace exposure w
Noise surveys or Noise Risk Assessments in its most simple terms is the measurement of noise to establish if people’s health is at risk or if a nuisance noise problem exists.

In a standard assessment, the selection of equipment is important, and the locations of noise monitoring is essential, but the clever part is the years of experience needed to know what to look for and how to interpret the results.

Never rely on a device to give a reading and dictate action. It needs some intelligence to really get to the detail of the noise and what it means for your workforce, the local environment and what it takes to make sure your company is compliant and protected.

Be it for workplace noise monitoring, Construction projects or as part of your Environmental permit for example large facilities, quarries etc. – a detailed noise assessment can really be something that helps you show compliance to everyone involved and avoid any longer-term problems of employee health issues or environmental complaints.

Noise at Work Surveys (Occupational Noise)
When Should a Noise Risk Assessment be Conducted
A noise at work survey is regularly required by law for employees subject to long periods of sustained exposure to high noise levels.

Employers will need to follow the Control of Noise at Work Regulations set by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), taking action to reduce the noise exposure to workers.

An occupational noise assessment is a legal requirement if you are expecting to operate a high noise site. As a good guide, if your site has noise levels of above 75dB, it is a good idea to get a noise assessment completed to make sure you have everything covered.

What is a BS8233 Residential Noise Survey?
The aim of a noise survey is to gain a baseline measurement of the noise environment of your proposed development. Once the noise environment has been defined, the potential noise impact on residential property is assessed.

The level of noise impact is checked according to British Standards, such as BS8233:2014 and BS4142:2014 as well as the World Health Organisation Guidelines to ensure the future occupants will not be adversely affected by noise.

Do I need a Noise Survey for a Planning Application and What is a BS4142 Noise Assessment?
A BS4142 noise report may be a prerequisite when applying for planning permission.

The results and information from the noise survey report helps you implement mitigating action to ensure you can comply with the Planning authorities and avoid delay or disruption to your project.

The main objective of the BS4142 noise survey is to ensure any development project is compliant with the National Planning and Policy Framework.

Finally, in some cases a development may need to consider the temporary noise impact it generates from construction noise, in accordance with BS 5228, as part of an S61 application.

Entertainment Noise Assessments
Occupational Health & Services, we are often called in to assist with entertainment noise challenges. This includes pubs and clubs for licencing confirmation or large events such as festivals to minimise disruption for nearby residents.

We have lots of experience in this sector and can offer a great solution to any of these issues. Feel free to give us a call.

How Occupational Health & Services Environmental and Safety can help with Noise Assessments and Surveys
When a business makes an appointment with Occupational Health & Services, your needs are discussed as soon as you are ready. Is free and will offer full detailed advice on what options are available to you.

During the consultation, all the relevant information is collected to offer good advice.

From there, you can decide to have a needs analysis commissioned, or simply allocate the services discussed and the needs analysis is done as the surveillance begins.

We complete a noise survey to confirm the level of noise and then assess the noise against the relevant standards, such as BS8233:2014 or BS4142:2014.

Once the level of noise is confirmed, we offer very specific and detailed recommendations.

To conduct an effective and cost-effective noise assessment or survey, you can visit the service section of our website or drop your information in the comment section below.

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