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DSEAR Risk Assessments

DSEAR Risk Assessments

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How Much Does This Cost?

Our DSEAR Assessment projects range from £1800 for smaller facilities to £2600 for larger more complex facilities.

Our specialist Health and Safety support experts will walk you through the full process.

The DSEAR assessment includes:

Site visit and investigation
Full Risk Assessment
Hazardous Area Classification exercise
Detailed Action plan specific to the site (avoiding generic measures)
Consultation on next steps, and support with training and awareness wherever needed
What Needs To Be Assessed?

A DSEAR risk assessment is needed for any process, area or equipment that involves substances, and if enough quantity is suspended in air, will ignite if an ignition source is introduced. Typical examples include:

✅ Spray Paint Booths

✅ Spray Dryers

✅ Blenders

✅  Grinders

✅ Ink Press

✅ Coal, wood, and paper activities that generate dust.

✅ Flammable Paint Stores

✅  LEV Extraction system removing extremely volatile substances.

Want To Know More?

The Dangerous Substances Explosive Atmosphere Regulations 2002 sets out that companies with potentially explosive atmospheres must complete an assessment to determine the level of risk and ensure adequate controls are in place. Hence the assessments should really go beyond what the ATEX Directives originally intended.

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